Electric Center is an Equal Opportunities Employer and offers a wide range of career prospects across the country, within the divisional office in Warwick and throughout our UK wholesale distribution branches.

Here are just a few of the types of roles available within Electric Center:


Developing new customers is a key role of external sales, alongside servicing existing customer requirements. With information about products and applications at their fingertips, sales professionals are critical to our success.


Many of our customers choose to do business by telephoning the internal sales people who, with a combination of thorough product knowledge and top-class communication skills, are able to develop and satisfy the customers' requirements quickly and efficiently. Telephone sales can also act as a liaison between our external sales staff, our customers and the internal operations in order to provide exceptional customer service.


The trade counter is a unique selling opportunity in our business. A combination of good communication skills and product knowledge enables the counter sales person to assess customer needs quickly and fulfil them accurately. Responsibilities also include display merchandising and promotions.


Quality customer service puts Electric Center ahead of the competition. An efficient, well organised warehouse operation supports customer service through the process of receiving and storing deliveries from our suppliers and accurately picking customer orders for onward shipping and delivery mainly by our own delivery vehicles.


Electric Center has a highly decentralised operating philosophy in which each location runs as an autonomous business or profit centre. Consequently, the Manager has overall responsibility for personnel, sales, inventory control, warehousing, distribution and administration.

This position would appeal to independent, entrepreneurial-minded people who would enjoy the challenge of 'running their own business'.


For many people who have recently left school, college or university the question in their minds is, “What is the next step towards a career?”

Joining Electric Center could be the answer!

Our locations are managed by entrepreneurially-minded people who enjoy operating freedom and sharing in the rewards of their success.

We are always interested in hearing from people who are interested in becoming Managers of the future.

Our flexible development programme combines on-the-job training and further education depending on current qualifications.
Further education could include our modern apprenticeship programme and/or product knowledge programme.

If this opportunity interests please send your CV to our Regional Office nearest to where you live without delay by using the Offices page.

If you are interested in a career with Electric Center, please contact the Electric Center location nearest to where you wish to work, by using the Locations Page.

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