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  1. Socket Tester
    Socket Tester
    • Clear bright LEDs
    • Detects 14 wiring conditions
    • Tests BS 1363 sockets
    • Gives clear warning of faulty wiring
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  2. Advanced Socket Tester
    Advanced Socket Tester
    • Tests BS 1363 sockets
    • Clear audible tone
    • High definition LEDs
    • Gives clear indication
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  3. Mains Circuit Socket Tester
    Mains Circuit Socket Tester
    • For fast and secure connection
    • No need to remove sockets
    • Saves time and risk of wall damage
    • Allows for both live and dead tests
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  4. Light Testing Adaptors
    Light Testing Adaptors
    • For faster, safer testing
    • Fittings for BC, ES, GU10, SES, SBC
    • 4mm connections
    • Complete with pouch case
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  5. Socket Tester with Buzzer
    Socket Tester with Buzzer
    • Designed to test 230V 13A sockets
    • Plug in visual/audible indication
    • Reliable and easy to use
    • No maintenance or batteries required
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  6. Socket Polarity Tester
    Socket Polarity Tester
    • Pocket sized checker
    • Indication is by LEDs and buzzer
    • Ideal unit for checking 13A sockets
    • Ideal for housing associations
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  7. USB Outlet Tester
    USB Outlet Tester
    • Input & output ports Type A
    • Tests Loads at 0.5A, 1A, 2A & 3A
    • Operational resistance measurements
    • Voltage range 4V - 24V DC
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