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  1. Combination lock off device
    Combination lock off device
    • One size fits most MCBs
    • Easy to use combination lock
    • Saves having multi piece lock outs
    • No keys required
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  2. Safe Isolation Kit
    Safe Isolation Kit
    • Clear LEDs show voltage level
    • Clear audible tone
    • GS38 slender probe tips
    • Bright torch light
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  3. Safety Lockout Kit
    Safety Lockout Kit
    • Kit contains:
    • Lockout padlock
    • Lockout pouch
    • Lockout hasp
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  4. Lockout MCB Toggle Lock
    Lockout MCB Toggle Lock
    • Fit over the MCB toggle and secure
    • Insert a padlock to block access
    • Helps to protect workers
    • Low profile so cabinet can be closed
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  5. Electricians Lockout Kit
    Electricians Lockout Kit
    • Contains 3 breaker lockouts
    • All packed in a mini pouch
    • Ideal for small/light applications
    • Inc 3 tags + a brass safety padlock
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  6. Personal Lockout Kit
    Personal Lockout Kit
    • Ideal for single person operation
    • Designed to prevent reactivation
    • Contains 3 breaker lockouts
    • Inc hasp, padlock and 2 sets of tags
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